The free Intro Talk covers:

  • Different forms of meditation and who they are suited for
  • How stress accumulation works and how meditation dissolves stress
  • Why Vedic Meditation differs from other forms of meditation and relaxation
  • How to meditate self-sufficiently

No meditation experience is necessary. This is an opportunity to meet Arden, learn something new, and get your questions answered. All are welcome!

To arrange a private intro talk, email Arden.


You can take Arden's group course at The Spring or book a private course.

The course runs for four days in a row, 90 minutes per day. 

You will learn to meditate one-on-one, practice each day, and gain a comprehensive understanding of how the technique works. By the end of the course, you'll be set up to maintain a successful daily practice.

SESSION 1: Basic Mechanics of Meditation

SESSION 2: Meditation and the Mind

SESSION 3: Meditation and the Body 

SESSION 4: Meditation and Consciousness 

It's important to attend all four days because each day's curriculum builds on the previous session. Your technique is checked and refined each day, and we ensure that you fully understand your experiences. After completing the course, you'll have enough practical experience and theoretical understanding to be a self-sufficient meditator.

Session One is taught one-on-one, and all following sessions are taught in small groups.


As a graduate of the course, you'll have lifetime support to ensure your success with the practice. This means unlimited follow-up at no additional cost.

After the course, you can:

  • meditate self-sufficiently and take your practice anywhere
  • repeat the course as many times as you like
  • attend group meditations and knowledge meetings with Arden and her colleagues around the world
  • get your questions answered, discuss your progress, and stay in touch with Arden


COURSE FEE: Before starting the course, each student makes a financial contribution in exchange for their instruction and a lifetime of follow-up. This equitable exchange is a practice called "guru dakshina" and dates back thousands of years from India. In the name of reciprocity, something of great value is offered in exchange for something of great value. 

The current fee for Arden's course is $990 for the group course and $1500 for a separately scheduled private course. Payment plans are available to ensure that everyone has access. You may also perform equivalent hours of community service in lieu of a financial contribution. 

No matter how busy your mind, Vedic Meditation gives you stillness quickly and easily.

No struggle necessary.