Arden teaches Vedic Meditation, an effortless technique that anyone can learn without trying to "quiet the mind." No focus or concentration is required, so it's perfect for people who struggle to meditate in other ways. 


Imagine your mind as the ocean: it has an active, turbulent surface and lots of waves (i.e. thoughts). When you dive deep, there's a place of unbounded stillness that's always there... but you have to learn how to access the ocean's quiet depths. When you meditate, your active thinking mind settles down and experiences its quietest, subtlest layers.  

Meditation is like scuba diving (but much more restful). If you want to reach the quiet depths successfully, you must be properly trained.

Practicing Vedic Meditation is a simple, effortless process once you learn. The technique involves using a mantra, which is a specific sound assigned to each meditator by a qualified teacher. The mantra triggers a physiological response that settles the brain and body into deep rest. This process induces "transcendence," which is a state of going beyond thought. 

When you transcend thought, you access the state of pure being which is your true essence. It's the quiet, unbounded place within that's obstructed by your day-to-day thoughts and concerns. Vedic Meditation allows you to dive deep beyond the surface of your mind's activity. After meditating, you feel clear, rested, and ready to tackle life's demands.


Whether you seek meditation out of curiosity or dire need, your system will appreciate the deep rest and brain chemistry upgrade that it provides.

DEEP REST: Vedic Meditation de-excites the nervous system, which allows the body to rest deeply and unwind stresses that have accumulated over time. As a result, you feel refreshed, energized, and calm. With less stress in the body, you have a greater capacity to be adaptable, productive, and effective in all areas of life. Less stress also means less neediness and more empathy, so you feel a stronger sense of connection that enriches your relationships. 

BRAIN CHEMISTRY UPGRADE: Meditation floods the brain with "bliss chemicals" like serotonin, dopamine, and anandamide. These mood lifters stick around after you finish a session, helping you navigate life with positivity and ease. Filling up with bliss chemicals on a daily basis makes a powerful, lasting difference in how you interact with the world.

MENTAL AND PHYSICAL HEALING: Many meditators find that regular practice reduces anxiety, depression, insomnia, attention and hyperactivity disorders, addiction, and other mental conditions. Vedic Meditation has also been shown to combat physical ailments, including blood pressure, cholesterol, cardiovascular issues, and pain.

All Vedic meditators have certain universal experiences, but specific benefits of the practice vary from person to person. Your physical and mental constitution when you begin meditating will shape your results. For more about Arden's personal journey and benefits, click here.


Vedic Meditation is a time-honored technique that originates from the Vedas, an ancient Indian body of knowledge that dates back over 5,000 years. The Vedas are the source from which all forms of yoga and Ayurvedic medicine are derived. Vedic Meditation was conceived in India, but it is universally beneficial for people of all ages and backgrounds. 


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